ABUS Discount

That’s Right $100 discount is available to my readers, thanks to the very generous contribution from the Toronto Based

VIP Breast Imaging.

$100 discount coupon


This discount coupon is available free for all who are on my email list, just email me at info@helpinghand-lifecoaching.com with your postal address and I will happily send you a coupon.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to be added to the mailing list you can still get this amazing discount coupon for a small handling charge, see below*. If however you are able to collect it from me then there is no charge just email to arrange collection.

For more details on this safe, accurate, none invasive, NO Radiation based Screening Tool, please click to view my post …


* (A small charge of $4.50 will be made for handling & website support)


ABUS Discount Coupon
This coupon will get you a HUGE $100 discount on this brand new Breast Screening Option in the Toronto based clinic VIP Breast Imaging. Please make sure to ADD your Postal Address under Notes to Seller so we can ship the coupon to you.
Price: $4.50

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  1. Connie

    Is this coupon valid for returning clients? I’ve used VIP breast imaging two years ago and they were great!

    1. Coach Lin

      Hi Connie, yes I believe so. Certainly the clinic have honoured all coupons thus far.

      Coach Lin x

  2. Maria Valentino

    Hi there,
    I just purchased the coupon but only received the paypal payment information. How am I suppose to receive the actual coupon?

    1. Coach Lin

      Hi Maria, I believe you have now received your coupon and in fact had your scan. Would you mind commenting on your experience either on here or in a post for the blog?

      Coach Lin

  3. Georgie

    I recently booked my appointment and have to agree with coach lin this was a easy, painless and effective way of getting a breast check up; I will be doing this yearly from now on. Thank you to the wonderful staff at VIP and to Coach Lin for the great discount too.

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