Coach Lin on Cancer

Hi there, my name is Lin and I beat cancer!


Through my work as a Life Coach, I plan to help as many people as I can, take back ownership of their lives and walk away from cancer.

Each of us going through cancer has a different experience, but one underlying feeling seems to accompany us all on this journey.  We feel that somehow, we no longer belong to the human race, but to a new sub-section of humanity that against our will, has tagged us as members.

In fact my very first day of chemotherapy (28th March 2001), I was welcomed by a nurse who said “Welcome to our cancer community, you’re one of ours for life now!”   I was horrified and told her she had me for a year tops (in somewhat more colourful language than that) and then I was outta there and never coming back.


Little did I know that ‘the system’ is designed to keep you in it.


We are referred to as ‘Cancer Patients’, or ‘ Cancer Survivors‘ and made to feel proud to wear these tags which start to stick!  They slowly undermine your true identity and to tell you the truth,……… this REALLY pissed me OFF!


So, I have spent the past 16 years fighting back.  


This has not always been easy, as my journey has had complications along the way, that have kept me in fairly constant contact with the medical profession but not under their terms.

I have empowered myself with knowledge and taken a very active role in my treatments and recovery.

I did go through the ‘big 3’  but I stood my ground on issues I felt strongly about, not always doing it their way, despite the pressure to conform.

Then after 10 yrs, I was finally and completely discharged from any cancer care; 

it was over for me!



It was around this time in 2010, that I began thinking about how as a coach, I could help others to do the same and that’s when  ‘Walk Away From Cancerwas formed.


Walking Away from Cancer

Come Join Me

It is about ATTITUDE!

Its about being YOU again!

Its about NOT belonging to their club!



You can begin your walk away at any time.


None of us are immune, so even if you don’t have cancer, perhaps you care for someone who does or you simply want to remain CANCER FREE you can come join. All you need is the will to live your life on your terms and a committment to make any necessary changes in how you think about cancer.

I hope you will join me here from time to time and add or comment on topics of interest or post questions.

I look forward to getting to know you as you join us in this Joyfull & Purposful

Walk Away From Cancer.

See you on the bright side!

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PS: If you are having some difficulty and you’re attitude needs some kick starting, contact me………I can help!



Note: All advice and information on this blog is the opion of the writer & not intended as Medical Advice.  You should always consult a Medical Professional before undertaking any new treatment, medication or activity.  WalkAwayFromCancer, Helping Hand – Life Coaching & Coach Lin cannot be held responsible for any actions taken my readers of this blog.

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