Cancer and Me

Cancer And Me

I am often asked why I bother with this site? It costs me time and money to keep going and to some may seem a waste of my time, but I dont see it that way…….here I tell you why.

Just after my 44th birthday I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer, that was back in 2001. Just like many others before me, I was catapulted into a world I was not prepared for, one of fast paced decisions of life and death assaulting you at every turn. I had a lumpectomy & Chemo before I really knew what was going on, followed by Radiation & Tamoxifen therapy. I did not let them remove my lymph nodes (could not see the point) and I cut short my Tamoxifen treatment but other wise it was pretty standard.

During this journey however, I was horrified by the pressure and speed in which you are supposed to make momentous choice and even more outraged to find out just how little is still known by mainstream medicine, about cancer and how to treat it or indeed, about the after effects of their treatments.

My journey took me to hell and back and today, I still suffer many complications, Late Term effects of the treatments about which little is told and which I am striving to fix. I was asking questions and not liking the answers I was getting, or in some cases not getting.” I recall asking my radiation technician “how much is considered a safe amount of radiation?” To be told I was fine and need not worry. I later found out, that is an understatement if ever there was one.

As I uncovered a different truth to the ones I was being sold by the medical profession, I started blogging my findings opinions and walkawayfromcancer.com was born.

I am not a doctor or medical professional……

I am a women who simply will not accept, that theirs is the only way.

The war on Cancer has had enough time, enough pockets have been lined with the profits. I believe we deserve better treatments and better outcomes. What is currently on offer is simply NOT good enough. No more thinking inside or outside the box, lets just throw the bloody box away and start over.

I hope you come back and read my blogs from time to time as I promise to share with you all I find out, in the hope, that you dont have to undergo the horrors of conventional treatment; or I f you do, that you are prepared in advance. I aslo suggest you read this book titled Cancer Free which gives you some less harmful options for healing your cancer.

Its time to BURY CANCER once and for all!!”

Coach Lin

Please note: I am not a medical professional and all and any advice or tips taken are at the readers own risk. It is always best to discuss your options with your medical doctor

Excerpt From: “Tips for Surviving Chemotherapy.” by Coach Lin

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