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Cancer is a Life Sentence – WTF?

“Cancer is a life sentence!” I keep hearing people saying this; it seems to be everywhere I turn. Coming from a variety of different sources, Organisations, Individuals, Medical Professionals, many people seem to be echoing this and I want to know, WHY? What do they mean? Are they saying you can never beat Cancer?  Are …

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Cancer & What To Say

  STOP telling us to “Stay Positive”! Seriously, I am talking to all those of you who when talking to a friend with cancer, tilt your head, pat us on the back or hand and uttered such words as “Just Stay Strong” or “Keep a Positive Outlook”. You are not helping! Its infuriating to say …

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3 hours of Sun a day cuts breast cancer risk – Times of India

Women Enjoying the Sun

Hi there fans and followers, well much to my surprise the truth about Vitamin D and Cancer risk is finally coming out into the open. Read this published today from the TIMES INDIA You can check out my original article on this blog or view my video  This is GOOD NEWS PEOPLE Coach Lin …

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Cancer and Vitamin D3 – To Take Or Not To Take?

Vitamin D3

Article Summary : There always seems to be another new idea or product out there that yells to us “reduce your risk of cancer!“. It is difficult, if not impossible to sort through the fads, fashions and latest research and know which is worth a second look. The issue of Vitamin D3 is no different. …

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About a Bra – can it cause cancer?

  Okay, this is one of those topics that has been out there and bounced around forever (sorry about the pun).  Can the wearing of a Bra really cause cancer? Well it would seem, according to Singer and Grismaijer authors of ‘Dressed to Kill’ that the answer to this may very well be, probably.  These …

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Surviving Cancer Treatments A patients view

Is the medical profession doing enough to help cancer survivors live a full and happy life? Once they (the medical profession) have slashed/burnt and poisoned you, it seems as long as you’re alive, that’s okay by them. The quality of that life and the late effect problems encountered, seem to receive very little attention, certainly …

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