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I’m an Idiot !

I was reading a post today from Cancer Defeated about Life After Cancer and the problems we all seem to face in our struggle back to health and life.  If you go back in my blogs you will hear me mention this issues many times, my very first blog was about just this. In fact …

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feelings Overwhelmed. Can no longer Cope

Are you so overwhelmed that its hard to make decisions ?   This is almost a normal these days and none of us seem immune, even me. Life has been very busy for me over the past little while and I have recently caught myself falling into that “too many things on my plate” trap, …

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Steve Jobs Was He iRight?

Photo of me during Radiation Treatment.

    With all the headlines and discussions going on about Steve’s cancer treatment choice, I just have to add my two pennies worth.  I tried to hold off but I cannot do so any longer. Was his last act perhaps his most precious gift to this world and I don’t mean the iPad ? …

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