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Fuck You Cancer………I Win!  

Celebrating in the Caribbean 16 years after Diagnosis of Breast Cancer. 

Thriving not surviving:  for my story see Lin’s encounter with Breast Cancer.

11 Doctors Dead! Coincidence? …..I think not!

Florida Doctors were about to release research on just how we are being Vitamin D3 deprived and WHY this is VITAL to us ALL!  Now all 11 are DEAD ?  11 Cancer Doctors All Found Murdered Within Three Months Tweet

69 Year Old Discovery Set To Aid In Cancer Fight

69 Year Old Discovery Set To Aid In Cancer Fight You may recall I first told you about Vitamin D3 in 2011…..and your doctor has only just caught up with this important life saving advice. You may also recall I told you about the danger of mammograms back in 2010 and low and behold a …

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Slim-Now Contains Green Coffee

From CanPrev a Canadian Company I trust.

I’m an Idiot !

I was reading a post today from Cancer Defeated about Life After Cancer and the problems we all seem to face in our struggle back to health and life.  If you go back in my blogs you will hear me mention this issues many times, my very first blog was about just this. In fact …

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Celebrating a 15 year Battle!

Today is a very special day for me, it has been 15 years since I awoke in hospital to hear the words “Im sorry Mrs Elliott but the lump was malignant, you have cancer”!
As I sit here on my Balcony in Mexico I am allowing myself what is now a rare reflection back over the journey from Feb 8th 2001 until now.

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Latest Research – Sugar Causes Cancer

Want To Grow Cancer? Here’s How Tweet

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