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Chemo Nerve Damage

This is what it feels like to have CNS damage caused by Chemotherapy.   Some days every nerve feels like it’s on super alert., literally screaming at me to stop, find a quite place, lie down. I wanted to share this because I know many of you out there, like me are having problems post …

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High Cholesterol? The Truth You Need To Know!

Why am I reposting Cholesterol facts on a Cancer Blog? Because there is a connection & YOU need to know! One of the most important facts people often dont know about Cholesterol is that it is VITAL in the production of some hormones and absolutly necessary in the production of Vitamin D3 which I hope …

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The Face Of Pain & Losing Hope!

I have not posted on this blog for a while and I have been asking myself why?  Its not that I have nothing to write about, or that I don’t have the time?  What it was I did not really know. Then last night, while staring at the ceiling, I realised why I was procrastinating………guilt! …

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69 Year Old Discovery Set To Aid In Cancer Fight

TODAY’S NEWS! 69 Year Old Discovery Set To Aid In Cancer Fight You may recall I first told you about Vitamin D3 in 2011…..and your doctor has only just caught up with this important life saving advice. You may also recall I told you about the danger of mammograms back in 2010 and low and …

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Status update

Currently researching another nutrient to help in our battle to stay Cancer Free. Exciting research on this natural remedy with potent cancer fighting properties. Will post soon.

No Make Up Selfie’s For Cancer Research!

Cancer Selfie’s all over the news this week. This past week on Facebook has seen over 2 million pounds sterling raised in the name of Cancer Research UK. Women all over the UK, indeed most of my family and friends have posted their  ‘no make up’ photos and donated to this charity.  Then thrown down the …

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Mammograms – Latest Research Puts End To The Debate!

Mammograms cause cancer!  No kidding?? Well it finally looks like the Medical profession are going to have to sit up and take notice, as the latest research PROVES what many of us have been shouting about for years now. MAMMOGRAMS CAUSE CANCER &  OVER TREATMENT OF HEALTHY WOMEN! One of the largest and most meticulous …

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