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Guest Post – Breast Cancer Radiation, Not Always NEEDED!

As many of you know I have serious doubts about the use of radiation in breast cancer treatments and believe it is overused and under estimated in terms of dangerous side effects.  Well at last it seems the medical profession are catching up and I want to share with you this story from one of …

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CANCER Fighting Tips

12 Easy Tips To Help Fight Cancer ! These are 12 Simply things you can do RIGHT now to help in your fight against Cancer, whether you are actively battling the dreaded C or want to prevent it!   Cancer Fighting Tip Number 1 Cut SUGAR from your diet NOW.  Cancer LOVES sugar and needs …

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Death & Shoes.

When you partner is diagnosed with Cancer.   Any of us who have been down that dark cancer road, know just how important it is to have at least one person to travel it with you.  These heroes’s usually get sentenced along with you because they are your spouse, your parent, your child or sibling.  …

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Relationships. Do we expect too much?

Been thinking about relationships today and what makes a good one? Having been married for so long you would think I might have the answer all sorted but I don’t! I don’t believe anyone can, not truly. We are all so very different in our needs and desires, what works for one partnership doesn’t always …

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Radiation Levels, There’s An App For That?

Smart Phones

  Many of you will know that I am against the use of radiation based scans and personally refuse to have mammogram’s even though I have had breast cancer in the past. I truly believe all radiation based scans should be used only as a last resort and not for regular screening. You may also …

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Cancer & What To Say

  STOP telling us to “Stay Positive”! Seriously, I am talking to all those of you who when talking to a friend with cancer, tilt your head, pat us on the back or hand and uttered such words as “Just Stay Strong” or “Keep a Positive Outlook”. You are not helping! Its infuriating to say …

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