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I am a fierce believer in the rights of women to be able to lead a sustainable life, without fear or judgement and to this end I support the work done by:-

The Women’s Centre Of York Region.  I offer my services as a mentor and coach helping women to start businesses, get back to work or simply to pull their lives back together..


I also sponsor a young girl in Sierra Leone through Plan Canada and am a big fan of the work they do through their campaign for girls, which aims to educated and empower girls world wide.

“Because I am a Girl”


 Changing the World One Girl at a time!



If you are interested in working with me as your mentor;

Please contact me for details at lin@helpinghand-lifecoaching.ca

I cannot promise I will be available right away as I can only mentor so many at any one time, but I will find you a slot as soon as I can.

Women helping Women is the Way WE change the World!


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