Coffee, Good for your Prostate & Uterus

In 2011 the World Health Organisation (WHO) decided in its wisdom, to put coffee on the ‘maybe’ list when it comes to carcinogens. However overwhelming evidence suggest that this is probably not the case.

Researchers from HARVARD no less, have a different story to tell.

In fact they say 4 Cups a day, scares uterine cancer away.  


Yep you read that right, the research from Harvard shows women drinking coffee have a decreased risk of getting the insidious & nasty endometrial cancer (cancer of the lining of the uterus).  This was not a fly by night evaluation of statistics, it was a full on study of 67,000 women, aged 34 to 59, over a 26 year period.

Just as in the Liver study by Dr S. Gupta that I wrote about in my article “Wine Good For You, Coffee Even Better”.

The researchers found that the more cups of coffee the women drank each day, the bigger the decrease in this cancer and when drinking over 4 cups per day this was a whopping 25%.

It would seem that coffee has the effect of reducing both insulin and free estrogen levels in the body, both of which are known risk factors for Endometrial Cancer, as stated by Dr. Giovannucci M.D professor at the School of Public Health.

The good news does not stop there.

Prostate Health

Could it also be the answer to many a Man’s nightmare……..PROSTATE Cancer?

Well Chaps, I am happy to tell you that it certainly looks that way AND is most effective against the most aggressive form of Prostate cancer, showing a massive 60% decrease, if drinking 6 or more cups a day. That is beyond HUGE!

(This information comes from a similar study of almost 48,000 men who reported their coffee drinking habits between 1986 and 2008).

If I were a chap, I would for sure be knocking back the coffee big time.


These are not the only positive links between coffee drinking and cancers.  Breast, Oesophagus, Liver, Mouth & Skin Cancer all show a decreased in coffee drinking people, not too mention, a reduction in cardiovascular disease.

And the reason WHO put coffee on their list as a possible carcinogen? A research study in Europe found there ‘MAY BE’ a very small link in non smokers, between heavy coffee drinking and bladder cancer.  The researchers’ then admitted there was a possible bias in the control group, meaning the ‘link’ was tentative at best???

So what I would like to know is?

Why, on the bases of a half arsed study, did the World Health Organisation decide to add coffee to its possible carcinogen list?


Seriously, the plot thickens.


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