69 Year Old Discovery Set To Aid In Cancer Fight

69 Year Old Discovery Set To Aid In Cancer Fight

You may recall I first told you about Vitamin D3 in 2011…..and your doctor has only just caught up with this important life saving advice. You may also recall I told you about the danger of mammograms back in 2010 and low and behold a few weeks ago, that too has now been verified.

Well I have another one for you today.

This one is a 69 year old discovery that is set to help in the fight against cancer in what may be a big way. Just like Vitamin D3 it will probably not be recommended by your medical professionals, until they are force to …..why? Well, just like Vitamin D3 it is not something Big Pharm can profit from in any big way, so they will not go there and your doctors do what the pharmaceutical industry wants.

Plus it also goes against the medical professions views on the effectiveness of treating disease with good nutrition. Instead they would like to keep on burning, cutting and poisoning you with their own brand of money making treatments. .

However, a growing body of research confirms what Dr. Price discovered 69 years ago, which is that this low cost nutrient has the ability to be a very potent fighter of the big C.

So you can decide right now to carry on reading and trust that I am once again right or you can simply stop now and wait a few years or more for your doctor to tell you about this…. its your choice.
Just as with Vitamin D3 when in 2007 a study showed us that maintaining a blood level of 40 ng/ml reduced ALL cancers by 77% with optimal cancer fighting at doses around 50 – 70 ng.ml. The power of this simple vitamin to keep us well, was astounding everyone.


And now we have another simple vitamin to add to our armour………..Vitamin K

K2 in particular is proving to be a true wonder of anti cancer fighting abilities. So much so that studies prove that those with higher vitamin K2 levels are not only less likely to develop cancer but if they do, less likely to die from it.

I am going to say that again.

Those with higher Vitamin K2 levels are not only less likely to develop cancer but IF they do, less likely to die from it!

Not only is this vitamin being hailed for cancer protection and treatment, it is a superhero when combined with D3.
These two together have recently shown that they can boost low white blood counts and is an exciting addition in the treatment of Leukemia.

K2 is not just for cancer prevention/ cure either.
It is the biological link that holds together your bones….literally keeping minerals and calcium inside your bones, increasing density and your immune system.


But the good news goes on…..

It helps prevent hardening of the arteries; Heart disease; may help with Alzheimer’s; Improves insulin sensitivity, decreasing your type 2 diabetes risk.

So how do you get good K2?

Well you have to be careful as there are different types of K2 and we know from research, that the type which is best is MK7. This is found in fermented foods, primarily Natto but also Sauerkraut AND some foods that you may otherwise think of as bad Hard & Soft Cheese, Egg Yolks, Butter (from grass fed cows), and chicken liver. All these contain the bacteria that in fact is what produces the K2 your vessel walls, bones and tissues need.
For a quick and easy start to get this and Vitamin D3 into your system.


I have sourced a product which contains both of these life saving Vitamins.

From a Canadian Company I have trusted with my life for the past 15 years.  CanPrev

D3 & K2 combined.

Product Info; D3 & K2 provides a daily dose of vitamin D3 that is suspended in a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil base for improved absorption, and with added natto-derived vitamin K2. Coconut oil is a natural and safe form of fatty acids that aids the absorption of a fat soluble nutrient, such as vitamin D, into the blood stream for fast and effective results. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol, from lanolin) is the preferred form of vitamin D.

For information on the brand and how to get it please email me at info@helpinghand-lifecoaching.ca 

Coach Lin.




Medical disclaimer: Coach Lin is a trained and certified life coach not a medical professional. This article is the opinion of the author based on her own research. Coach Lin, Helping Hand – Life Coaching and walkawayfromcancer.com cannot in anyway be help responsible for the actions of readers. As with any diet or nutritional change you should seek the advice of a medical professional.


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