I’m an Idiot !

I was reading a post today from Cancer Defeated about Life After Cancer and the problems we all seem to face in our struggle back to health and life.  If you go back in my blogs you will hear me mention this issues many times, my very first blog was about just this. In fact I started the Walk Away From Cancer blog in the first place, to fill the gap that is left after treatments finish and to highlight issues of survival. So I’m reading Lee’s blog and agreeing with everything pretty much…………Then it struck me!

I don’t know why I had not realised this before, but sometimes we don’t see what is right in front of our face…….. but I have not shared with you one of the main techniques I have used in my journey.  I have shared it with my coaching clients, in fact its often the first thing they come across as I have it on my Helping Hand – Life Coaching Website………but I have never really shared it with you.

So today that is what I plan on doing

Coming out of Cancer treatments we are ‘Shell Shocked’ !  We literally have been subjected to such harsh treatments on top of an emotional overload of gigantic proportions…………that many doctors are now realising, we suffer from PTSS.

That’s right, I said Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome!Photo of me during Radiation Treatment.

Most of us will think of soldiers returning from war when we think of PTSS but going through Cancer is pretty much the same on us. We fear for our lives, Are subjected to Horrendous physical abuse to our bodies (that we have to agree to)  & often we feel there is no way out.  The emotional and physical toll is HUGE! So just as for the soldier returning from war, we are in need of help.  Unfortunately for many Cancer patients this is when help falls away and we are left alone wondering :-

  • Why we cant think straight? 
  • Why we are in constant pain? 
  • Why we feel fat, ugly and depressed?
  • Why we cannot seem to get back to our previous physical and emotional selves?

 We no longer know who we are & feel disconnected from the person we were.

 So what was my secret?  HOW DID I OVERCOME THIS?

I was fortunate to come across a book that started to point the way towards healing this disconnection. It was a book about Focusing which is a technique used to identify our emotional and physical pain, so we can begin to heal them.

“I was in so much pain at this point & taking way too many pain killers that, I was ready to try just about anything!”


So I began to learn this practice and found that it was A) very easy for me and B) was working!

  • I was easily able to control my pain
  • I was quickly able to alleviate my stress
  • I was soon able to connect to the buried emotions
  • I was able to being the HEALING

Free Audio for Self Awareness

I have adapted it over the years into a easy to follow Audio that guides you through and can be listened to when ever you need. I  call this process Finding You’ because that is indeed what happens.  Within a very few short sessions the dots began to reconnect, things started to improve for me and I know that they will for you too. Just complete the form below to get started and when you have mastered ‘Finding Your Calm’ part two ‘Getting Acquainted‘ is available at a very low cost from my store. Good Luck & Good Health

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