Is this Mushroom the Ultimate Cancer Fighting Food?

Beta Glucan and the Mighty Chaga


I was given some information on the Chaga Mushroom a couple of weeks ago and had not gotten around to researching it, when as if to prod me into action, a newsletter from Cancer Defeated (a trusted source) pops into my mail box heralding the cancer fighting power of Beta Glucan.  Well it just so happens, that beta glucan can be found in some mushrooms.

This coincidence got me moving and the facts I have uncovered are really quite exciting.

It would appear that Beta Glucan, a complex sugar or polysaccharides which is an essential sugar & the only sugar we should eat (remember sugar feeds cancer), is found in Bacteria, *Yeasts, Fungi, some plants Oats, Barley & some Mushrooms.

In fact these medicinal mushrooms and in particular Chaga, have been used for centuries in the east for all sorts of health reasons and are currently used in 19 Oncology Hospitals in Japan and China to treat………Cancer.

Now Beta Glucan is know by western science to be a significant factor when trying to boost immune system function and their research on Chaga over the past 44 years has proven the positive pharmacological effects on immune, hormonal and central nervous systems. On this there is NO doubt.

This is FACT.


So for cancer patients who have been through the devastating effects of cancer treatments and whose immune systems are shot to hell, Chaga should be on your list of MUST have’s.  And remember a low functioning immune system is part of the reason your cancer started in the first place, so this is a WIN, WIN

But the good news does not stop there for Chaga.


It also has the HIGHEST ever recorded rating for anti oxidants (which us cancer peeps hear a lot about), it contains 215 phytonutrients (believe me you need these) and is one of the highest natural sources of B Vitamins on the planet!

PLUS its not just cancer this wonder food fights. Its very effective against diabetes, lowering cholesterol and detoxifying the liver to name a few. A stronger immune system will also help to keep away colds, flu fight off infections and or disease.

So in laymen terms, because you know I like to keep things simple.

Beta Glucan is really, really good for you and when from mushrooms like Maitake, Reishi and in particular Chaga, its pretty damn close to a super food.


Coach Lin


*Just knew that had to be a good reason to eat more Marmite 🙂

If you would like to know more, please drop me a line via the contact form on this site.

Some of the information for this article came from www.tribalivehealth.com and I would like to thank them for allowing me to user their research.

Please remember I am not a medical professional. These are my opinions based on the information I evaluated for my personal use and that I am sharing with you.

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