Its called ABUS – Automated Breast Ultrasound System –



Does ABUS looks set to heralded the end to the outdated, toxic and painful screening tool currently used Mammography?  Well I for one, hope so.

How exciting is this news? ……….Well its mega!!

This new tool is safe, none toxic, does not require your breasts be squashed and radiated and DOUBLES, yes I said DOUBLES the chance of finding cancer.  It can find small (less than 1cm) tumours which are difficult to locate by physical exam and even locate tumours as small as 10mm and as early detection makes all the difference (96% survival rate), this is crucial.

If youve been to my site before you know I have long refused Mammograms, despite having had breast cancer.  Not only are they dangerous but they are simply NOT effective, especially in women with Dense breasts (which is about 40% of North American Women & 70% Asian women).  My own marble sized, easy to feel lump, did not show on a mammogram and in fact was diagnosed by Ultra Sound, so I have long been a firm believer in Ultra sounds as an effective tool.  Up until now however it was labour intensive, so not cost effective as a general screening tool and relied on the operator to ensure the entire breast is screened (more difficult than it sounds).

This is why ABUS is so exciting.

ABUS automates the process and in the matter of a few minutes can complete a 3D scan of a women’s breasts, that is more accurate than mammography and now it has finally won approval.

The FDA, Health Canada and NHS etc have not given up on Mammograms quite yet.  So far the ABUS is approved for women with Dense Breast tissue and as traditionally this group of women get more cancer’s which mammograms do not find, this  is a good place to start. Personally I wish they would just relinquish the relationship they have with the radiologist industry and ditch Mammograms completely but its a step in the right direction and at least gives those of us willing to stand our ground and say a big NO THANK YOU to mammography, another option.


Coach Lin

PS as a side note, it seems this is also being touted as a very reliable screening tool for Prostate Cancer.


NOTE: I have located a local Toronto clinic and am setting up an appointment, so will report back personally on this new screening tool soon.

Web address of Toronto location :-http://www.vipbreastimaging.com/welcome.html

In the UK : In November 2012 GE Healthcare acquired the California based system for use in the UK

In the US : ABUS manufactured by U-Systems in California and now seems widely available across the country.







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