No Make Up Selfie’s For Cancer Research!

Cancer Selfie’s all over the news this week.

This past week on Facebook has seen over 2 million pounds sterling raised in the name of Cancer Research UK.

Women all over the UK, indeed most of my family and friends have posted their  ‘no make up’ photos and donated to this charity.  Then thrown down the challenge to their friends, by naming them in their post.  It has been a very successful campaign!


I am sure this may come as a surprise to many, considering my past involvement with cancer. It is however because of that involvement, I will not partake.

Having spent the past 13 years living in and connected to this INDUSTRY, there is no way I will contribute to or sustain, it in any way.   What one finds out (if you look hard enough) is that Cancer is a BUSINESS!  and profits are being made on a gigantic scale by companies and share holders, who have  NO INTEREST at all, in making cancer disappear.  But what is really disturbing, is that many of our largest Cancer Charities are linked to and funded by Big Pharmaceutical Companies.Customers Not Cures

However what really upsets me,

is that so many good people are lulled into volunteering time, effort & money in what they believe is a worthwhile cause, not knowing that all they are doing is perpetuating ‘The business!’

Now some may say I am being cynical and you have that right, but have you checked into the background and connections of Cancer Research UK?

Because I have. Just Google Cancer Research Technologies, a branch of Cancer Research UK

and you will see they are in partnership with AstraZeneca, Teva and FORMA all major Pharmaceutical companies. Cancer Research Technologies states quite clearly on its website :-


[important]”CRT has 30 years’ specialist experience in the commercialisation of cancer research and a proven track record of successful innovation”.[/important]


The really sad thing in all this, is that we know research tends to find what it is they are looking for.  Meaning, if working for a drug company the research will find results that are likely to enhance the needs of the drug company, which is to sell drugs. What wont get published is research that may be of value to us the patients, but in which there is likely to be little profit. 


I am going to post my own No Make Up Selfie and hope this will bring more awareness to the problems of how we fund Cancer Research.

It is time for the cure!  

No Make Up Selfie



Ref: http://www.cancertechnology.co.uk/our-company


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