Pissed off with the ‘PINK’

(This is an old post but I am reposting this today as not a thing has changed since last year and I am still very, very pissed off!)

Its October and once again ‘breast cancer’ month and I am sick to death of seeing and hearing about PINK every where I look!


Breast Cancer is not a PRETTY in PINK disease….. It Sucks!

Going through it Sucks!…….. Surviving it can Suck!

SO wrapping it up in bloody PINK.………..does not help anyone.


I am also sick of seeing many of my friends and family, don their walking shoes or hop on their bikes, in a generous and very genuine attempt to help…………….be abused.………..I want to scream right now I am so mad!

Now I know many of you may think me odd but all this PINK crap is about raising money, not awareness (as they claim) but plain and simply MONEY! Behind all those big Cancer Charities is an organisation so stealth at stealing your money its beyond criminal………….I am talking about the huge profit making Drug companies, who eventually get the majority of the money raised.

Think about it!


The clue is in the ‘PROFIT making companies‘. Contrary to what you may want to believe, these HUGE drug companies are in BUSINESS to make MONEY.……..not to cure you. The only thing they are attempting to do is grow their bottom line..thats it.


Finding a cure for sickness is NOT IN THEIR INTERESTS.

They need us to be sick and stay sick!



I am not even going to attempt to list names, it would be a long list and you can go check it out for yourself…Just follow the logic and the money and in most cases, it ends up increasing the bottom line of an already hugely profitable Drug Company in the name of research.

Research is carried out, but not the research you think. Many wonderful and very promising cures are covered up or misrepresented as they are based on natural products the drug companies can’t copy or patent……..no money in it for them, so they bury the research.


Take for example the news story that broke last year of a Canadian Doctor who has probably one of the most exciting discoveries and future cure for cancer, who cannot get funding ?

And don’t forget drug companies NEED sick people or they are out of business, so if a ‘cure’ is found by big Pharm, you can bet it will involved something that you have to take for the rest of your life and it will be costly.


There are some genuine charities out there, mostly small and raising money for local hospitals or hospices and if you feel the need to help, help them but don’t let your good intentions be hijacked by these merciless corporations.

JUST LEAVE THE PINK where it belongs………………on BARBIE!


Coach Lin


NOTE:- the logo for this page I know has some pink in it, but it has been designed to signify a walk away from the pink, hence the black outlines and legs walking out of the pink block. :

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