Relationships. Do we expect too much?

Been thinking about relationships today and what makes a good one?

Having been married for so long you would think I might have the answer all sorted but I don't! I don't believe anyone can, not truly.

We are all so very different in our needs and desires, what works for one partnership doesn't always translate to another.

Clearly there are some commonalitys that all relationships need Respect & Trust being high on this list, but after those, things get a tad murky.

Some would say Love is vital but love changes from the wild, passionate kind found in the early days to a more mature kind as you begin to know & love the deeper person. In fact love mellows into a much deeper Respect & Trust as more and more of you is shared.

I feel for some it is this mellowing of the intense passionat love of the early days that can cause problems?  We are led to believe from the media in general that we should expect to always have that flush a new relationship has.  But its not real and some perceive this change as if they are loosing something and doubt starts to rear its head.

Why isn't it the same? What's gone wrong? Why don't they love me like they used to?

[important]Perhaps a slight shift Coach Lin Elliottin attitude at this time might save some relationships from disaster. Changing 'why isn't it the same? ' into 'wow this is new', could well be all that is needed to stop the downward spiral.[/important]

Mark and I will have been together 38 years this summer and I largely feel this is because of our general mind set. We look forward with excitment and hope! Im not saying that we have not had our bad times and fights, or course we have, we are both very head strong, but generally ours is a mind set of forward motion, of "Where do WE go from here?"! And not of "Why?".

Much love to you all this Valentines day.

And if you don't have a partner around, go call a friend and celebrate that relationship!

Coach Lin


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