Self Exams Saved MY Life – Not A Mammogram.

Self Exams Saved My Life, Not A Mammogram!


Mammography did NOT find my marble sized lump, I did!

13 years later…….I am still here to tell you that!

The sad fact is, that screening mammograms are really not very reliable.

My marbled size lump, which could easily be felt, DID NOT SHOW ON A MAMMOGRAM, even the more powerful diagnostic ones. It was with an Ultra Sound that my lump and the suspicious nature of it, was found and diagnosed.

This is not uncommon!

Because for every 10 women supposedly diagnosed early by mammograms, only 1 life is saved and the number of False positives are alarmingly high  (a false positive is when a radiologist concludes the scan is ‘abnormal’ but in fact NO CANCER is present).  This most often occurs in younger women whose breasts are more dense, women who have had breast surgery or women who have been on a hormonal therapy like HRT.  These women then often go on to have UNNECESSARY, invasive, dangerous cancer treatments.

I do not think this is acceptable!  – Especially when there are safe more reliable alternatives!

So when I say to you that you should take a moment to learn what to look for, you can be assured, I know what I am talking about.  A simple self check each month, is in my opinion, is the first and most vital step for keeping an eye on your breast health. Get to know your breasts, how they feel, what they look like. Ask your partner to help, sometimes they know your breast better than you do. Do a self exam at the same time each month, because our breasts change throughout our menstrual cycle. Or get a breast buddy; friends who remind each other to remember their self checks.

If you then find something you are unsure of, get that second opinion from a breast exam clinic or your doctor.

If further testing is required, then you do NOT need to rush off and fire cancer causing radiation through your breast via a mammogram, there are alternativesMRI’s can see more than a mammogram and 3D Ultra Sound, is even better at finding very small cancers.  MRI’s are expensive and to be truthful, I have had them and spending 45 mins face down and squashed into a metal tube, is not fun. Plus they pump crap through your veins to improve the image. My preference is for the UltraSound.

Ultra Sound is not a new scan, we have used it for decades now and know it is harmless, reliable and painless. Many of you may have had one while pregnant.

Plus thanks to a women inventor, we now have a 3D Ultra Sound machine designed just for the purpose of scanning breasts. It that can perform breast scan’s without the use of radiation, it is not painful in any way, and is more accurate than even an MRI……

A mammogram is a very poor tool by comparison.


Automated Breast Ultra Sound have so far, been approved by most heath authorities for use on women with Dense Breast but can be detect cancer in any breast.  However they are not yet widely available and you may still need to pay for this scan.  However, it is not a huge cost (compared to the alternative) and some medical plans will cover it.  If yours does not and you are anywhere near Toronto I have discount coupons available for my readers. Just email me

Many of us believe that ABUS will be the tool of choice moving forward and that it is only the enormous cost of a mammogram machine, that is keeping this potentially deadly screening tool in action right now, as it has to outlive its cost. But until that time, you will still be told mammograms are safe (which they are not)  you will still be told that the level of radiation is well within safe limits (there is not such thing) & you will still be told that mammograms save lives by detecting cancers early (this is debatable at best).

Clearly I am not a health care professional but a survivor of the ordeal and most importantly, of the deceit that is the

Photo of me during Radiation Treatment.

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cancer world.  Even though I have had Cancer, I have NOT had a mammogram in 10 years and I have no intention of EVER having another one. I cannot promise you that ABUS will save your life, but it most definitely will not harm it…….unlike a mammogram.  What you do with this information is simple your choice.

Good Luck 🙂


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Disclaimer: Cooah Lin is not a medical professional and all information on this site should be taken as the opiinion of the author and not as medical advice. While ever care is taken to ensure the accuracey of any information provided here, you should always check with your own doctor before proceeding with any treatment or protocol. 

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