Steve Jobs Was He iRight?



With all the headlines and discussions going on about Steve’s cancer treatment choice, I just have to add my two pennies worth.  I tried to hold off but I cannot do so any longer.

Was his last act perhaps his most precious gift to this world and I don’t mean the iPad ?

Here was a man of considerable wealth and intelligence (on that I doubt any will disagree) and yet many people out there seem to feel he somehow lost his way in the end, simply because he chose NOT TO have conventional Cancer treatments.

So, why would a highly intellegent man, with access to the best research, doctors and treatments western medicine can offer – refuse them?

I believe it is because HE KNEW THE TRUTH!

Cancer is a Business!  


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You and I are the pawns in a game of greed and deceit being manipulated by a few, for MONEY!  The sensationalised headlines telling us about breakthrough after breakthrough are fabricated. The supposed survivor rates manipulated.  Since the war on cancer was launch so long ago, not much has changed. More and more of us are getting sick and we are still dying at the same rate, whatever they tell you.

Steve could have given them his money at any point but he didn’t….?


[important]Pancreatic Cancer also has the very worst survival rates if undergoing the ‘normal’ protocol of treatment.  Plus those ‘normal treatments’ kill and harm (read my story), many more than they save and would probably have made his last months even more debilitating, than the cancer.[/important]

So armed with all the resources and knowledgeable available, this man chose what he saw to be a better option.  A better way to TRY and get well again.   He was not cured NO, but then conventional treatments also would not have cured him.

And perhaps, just perhaps he got to hang around a bit longer because of those choices.

And perhaps, just perhaps, Steve was doing what he did best, which was to light a way forward, hoping to show us what he knew……

Taken during chemo & radiation Treatment

That there has to be a better way!



  Coach Lin

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