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I Gave Myself Cancer

I GAVE MYSELF CANCER To live a fully functional, fun filled life of our dreams, we need to be healthy. Without our health there is no balance to life, the scales are tipped heavily towards struggle. I know because my ‘scales plunged’ when at the age of 44, Cancer entered MY LIFE. I survived YES …

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WOW! Finally Help For Hot Flushes / Flashes That Actually WORKS!

Yep that’s what I said………real help for our post Breast Cancer Nightmare – Menopause & Hot Flushes/Flashes!   Any of you out there who were diagnosed before menopause with BC know of the horrendous nightmare that being thrown into a early and sudden Menopause can be. The hot flushes are a killer! ADD to that …

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How To Claim Disability For U.S. Breast Cancer Patients; Get The Facts; YOU May Be Entitled.

U.S. Disability Payments For People With Breast Cancer! Disability, A hot topic I know and an area of great stress for most at a time when you are already dealing with too much.  Even if you know you are eligible the process is daunting at best. So when I was asked if I would post …

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Cancer and Me

Cancer And Me I am often asked why I bother with this site? It costs me time and money to keep going and to some may seem a waste of my time, but I dont see it that way…….here I tell you why. Just after my 44th birthday I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast …

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Guest Post – Breast Cancer Radiation, Not Always NEEDED!

As many of you know I have serious doubts about the use of radiation in breast cancer treatments and believe it is overused and under estimated in terms of dangerous side effects.  Well at last it seems the medical profession are catching up and I want to share with you this story from one of …

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A Breast Cancer Scan Like No Other – Are Mammograms A Thing Of The Past?

My ABUS Experience – Automated Breast Ultra Sound!   If I said that I was excited to going for a Breast Scan, you would probably think me mad. We all know early detection is key but the screening scans leave a lot to be desired and many of us put off or dont go for …

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Pissed off with the ‘PINK’

(This is an old post but I am reposting this today as not a thing has changed since last year and I am still very, very pissed off!) Its October and once again ‘breast cancer’ month and I am sick to death of seeing and hearing about PINK every where I look!   Breast Cancer …

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