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Cancer and Me

Cancer And Me I am often asked why I bother with this site? It costs me time and money to keep going and to some may seem a waste of my time, but I dont see it that way…….here I tell you why. Just after my 44th birthday I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast …

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If I Could Turn Back Time?

I was asked today if I could turn back time and change anything in my life, what would it be? Talk about a loaded question! You would think that things would jump to mind easily, enough crap has happened to me; you would think the first words out of my mouth would be, to not …

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Pissed off with the ‘PINK’

(This is an old post but I am reposting this today as not a thing has changed since last year and I am still very, very pissed off!) Its October and once again ‘breast cancer’ month and I am sick to death of seeing and hearing about PINK every where I look!   Breast Cancer …

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A Care Givers Story from my Friend Rob

A story of Cancer, Romance & Love and Help for Care Givers everywhere.


Rant on Cancer Causing Scan’s

Cancer causing Scan’s – I said “NO thank You Doctor”, please listen!


For info on bone density protection see…… & how I stay healthy!

Holiday Special MODIFILAN Sale

Because I 100% believe getting Radiation and Heavy metals out of your body is essential to recovery and survival from Cancer, I am offering this wonderful all Natural product to you at a Great Discount. For this weekend only. Simply imput the coupon code “Hoiday Special” and you will recieve a 25% discount !!! MODIFILAN …

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CANCER Fighting Tips

12 Easy Tips To Help Fight Cancer ! These are 12 Simply things you can do RIGHT now to help in your fight against Cancer, whether you are actively battling the dreaded C or want to prevent it!   Cancer Fighting Tip Number 1 Cut SUGAR from your diet NOW.  Cancer LOVES sugar and needs …

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