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The Face Of Pain & Losing Hope!

I have not posted on this blog for a while and I have been asking myself why?  Its not that I have nothing to write about, or that I don’t have the time?  What it was I did not really know. Then last night, while staring at the ceiling, I realised why I was procrastinating………guilt! …

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I Gave Myself Cancer

I GAVE MYSELF CANCER To live a fully functional, fun filled life of our dreams, we need to be healthy. Without our health there is no balance to life, the scales are tipped heavily towards struggle. I know because my ‘scales plunged’ when at the age of 44, Cancer entered MY LIFE. I survived YES …

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The Price of Pain – author unknown.

  I am having a particularly painful day today and wanted to share this with any of you out there who may also be suffering this day. THE PRICE OF PAIN – a poem The price of pain is the loss of self-respect when you can no longer complete personal grooming, cook meals or take …

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Surviving Cancer Treatments A patients view

Is the medical profession doing enough to help cancer survivors live a full and happy life? Once they (the medical profession) have slashed/burnt and poisoned you, it seems as long as you’re alive, that’s okay by them. The quality of that life and the late effect problems encountered, seem to receive very little attention, certainly …

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