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69 Year Old Discovery Set To Aid In Cancer Fight

TODAY’S NEWS! 69 Year Old Discovery Set To Aid In Cancer Fight You may recall I first told you about Vitamin D3 in 2011…..and your doctor has only just caught up with this important life saving advice. You may also recall I told you about the danger of mammograms back in 2010 and low and …

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Cancer & Your Pool Water ?

Fridge Magnet - Ph level food stuffs

I was asked recently what I knew about treating cancer using a PH diet? And as it happens I know quite a bit, as there is much written about pH levels and cancer. In fact there are many alternative cancer clinics using similar dietary protocols either singularly or in combination with other treatment, to treat …

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Is this Mushroom the Ultimate Cancer Fighting Food?

Beta Glucan and the Mighty Chaga   I was given some information on the Chaga Mushroom a couple of weeks ago and had not gotten around to researching it, when as if to prod me into action, a newsletter from Cancer Defeated (a trusted source) pops into my mail box heralding the cancer fighting power …

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Wine Good For You, Coffee Even Better!

Turns out Coffee protects your Liver and Heart & reduces risk of Diabetes, some Cancers, Depression and a whole lot more.   To say I was excited when I first flicked through a newly released eBook/CDbyDr. Sanjiv Chropra, Liver specialist and writer whose credibility proceeds him, was to say the least an understatement. I have been …

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