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Wine Good For You, Coffee Even Better!

Turns out Coffee protects your Liver and Heart & reduces risk of Diabetes, some Cancers, Depression and a whole lot more.   To say I was excited when I first flicked through a newly released eBook/CDbyDr. Sanjiv Chropra, Liver specialist and writer whose credibility proceeds him, was to say the least an understatement. I have been …

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Disappearing Cancer – right before your eyes!

  Hello All, Please take a few moments today and watch this video, even if you do not yet have #Cancer#. This may well save your LIFE ! Expose the Cure   From our Friends at Expose the cure Coach Lin www.helpinghand-lifecoaching.ca   Tweet

The Price of Pain – author unknown.

  I am having a particularly painful day today and wanted to share this with any of you out there who may also be suffering this day. THE PRICE OF PAIN – a poem The price of pain is the loss of self-respect when you can no longer complete personal grooming, cook meals or take …

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3 hours of Sun a day cuts breast cancer risk – Times of India

Women Enjoying the Sun

Hi there fans and followers, well much to my surprise the truth about Vitamin D and Cancer risk is finally coming out into the open. Read this published today from the TIMES INDIA  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/health/3-hrs-in-the-sun-daily-cuts-breast-cancer-risk/articleshow/9026897.cms You can check out my original article on this blog or view my video  This is GOOD NEWS PEOPLE Coach Lin …

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Hi there, Can I ask you a question? ARE YOU HAPPY? I don’t think we get asked this often, in fact we rarely even ask it of ourselves. This got me to thinking about what happiness means and how different it is for each of us. And yet we often assume that another is or …

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Cancer and Vitamin D3 – To Take Or Not To Take?

Vitamin D3

Article Summary : There always seems to be another new idea or product out there that yells to us “reduce your risk of cancer!“. It is difficult, if not impossible to sort through the fads, fashions and latest research and know which is worth a second look. The issue of Vitamin D3 is no different. …

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R&R Are You Getting Enough?

Man with daughter flying kite

Life today can be hectic! Even for the most organised of us, chaos and overwhelm has a tendency to sneak up and take us by surprise. Stress, caused by a constant pressure to perform or an over burdened life can and does cause all sort of problems; with our relationships, our work and or our …

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