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CANCER Fighting Tips

12 Easy Tips To Help Fight Cancer ! These are 12 Simply things you can do RIGHT now to help in your fight against Cancer, whether you are actively battling the dreaded C or want to prevent it!   Cancer Fighting Tip Number 1 Cut SUGAR from your diet NOW.  Cancer LOVES sugar and needs …

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Is PSA Test A Flop?

“Men deserve to know what science now tells us about PSA screening: there is very small potential benefit and significant potential harm” The quote above, issued in May of 2012 is from Micheal LeFever co-chairman of the US Preventative Services Task Force. After a couple of decades of encouraging men to take this test to …

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Coffee, Good for your Prostate & Uterus

In 2011 the World Health Organisation (WHO) decided in its wisdom, to put coffee on the ‘maybe’ list when it comes to carcinogens. However overwhelming evidence suggest that this is probably not the case. Researchers from HARVARD no less, have a different story to tell. In fact they say 4 Cups a day, scares uterine …

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