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The Face Of Pain & Losing Hope!

I have not posted on this blog for a while and I have been asking myself why?  Its not that I have nothing to write about, or that I don’t have the time?  What it was I did not really know. Then last night, while staring at the ceiling, I realised why I was procrastinating………guilt! …

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Its called ABUS – Automated Breast Ultrasound System –   Does ABUS looks set to heralded the end to the outdated, toxic and painful screening tool currently used Mammography?  Well I for one, hope so. How exciting is this news? ……….Well its mega!! This new tool is safe, none toxic, does not require your breasts …

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Guest Post – Breast Cancer Radiation, Not Always NEEDED!

As many of you know I have serious doubts about the use of radiation in breast cancer treatments and believe it is overused and under estimated in terms of dangerous side effects.  Well at last it seems the medical profession are catching up and I want to share with you this story from one of …

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Rant on Cancer Causing Scan’s

Cancer causing Scan’s – I said “NO thank You Doctor”, please listen!


For info on bone density protection see…… & how I stay healthy!

Holiday Special MODIFILAN Sale

Because I 100% believe getting Radiation and Heavy metals out of your body is essential to recovery and survival from Cancer, I am offering this wonderful all Natural product to you at a Great Discount. For this weekend only. Simply imput the coupon code “Hoiday Special” and you will recieve a 25% discount !!! MODIFILAN …

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CANCER Fighting Tips

12 Easy Tips To Help Fight Cancer ! These are 12 Simply things you can do RIGHT now to help in your fight against Cancer, whether you are actively battling the dreaded C or want to prevent it!   Cancer Fighting Tip Number 1 Cut SUGAR from your diet NOW.  Cancer LOVES sugar and needs …

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My Cancer Story

    Hi Everyone, I was recently asked to write my Cancer story for the website of a fellow campaigner for the truth about cancer and our treatment options. Until now I have avoided doing this but this time, I decided to do so in the interests of spreading the word about the real dangers …

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