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Fuck You Cancer………I Win!  

Celebrating in the Caribbean 16 years after Diagnosis of Breast Cancer. 

Thriving not surviving:  for my story see Lin’s encounter with Breast Cancer.

CANCER Fighting Tips

12 Easy Tips To Help Fight Cancer ! These are 12 Simply things you can do RIGHT now to help in your fight against Cancer, whether you are actively battling the dreaded C or want to prevent it!   Cancer Fighting Tip Number 1 Cut SUGAR from your diet NOW.  Cancer LOVES sugar and needs …

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Death & Shoes.

When you partner is diagnosed with Cancer.   Any of us who have been down that dark cancer road, know just how important it is to have at least one person to travel it with you.  These heroes’s usually get sentenced along with you because they are your spouse, your parent, your child or sibling.  …

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Cancer is a Life Sentence – WTF?

“Cancer is a life sentence!” I keep hearing people saying this; it seems to be everywhere I turn. Coming from a variety of different sources, Organisations, Individuals, Medical Professionals, many people seem to be echoing this and I want to know, WHY? What do they mean? Are they saying you can never beat Cancer?  Are …

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My Cancer Story

    Hi Everyone, I was recently asked to write my Cancer story for the website of a fellow campaigner for the truth about cancer and our treatment options. Until now I have avoided doing this but this time, I decided to do so in the interests of spreading the word about the real dangers …

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Surviving Cancer Treatments A patients view

Is the medical profession doing enough to help cancer survivors live a full and happy life? Once they (the medical profession) have slashed/burnt and poisoned you, it seems as long as you’re alive, that’s okay by them. The quality of that life and the late effect problems encountered, seem to receive very little attention, certainly …

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