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Mammograms – Latest Research Puts End To The Debate!

Mammograms cause cancer!  No kidding?? Well it finally looks like the Medical profession are going to have to sit up and take notice, as the latest research PROVES what many of us have been shouting about for years now. MAMMOGRAMS CAUSE CANCER &  OVER TREATMENT OF HEALTHY WOMEN! One of the largest and most meticulous …

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Its called ABUS – Automated Breast Ultrasound System –   Does ABUS looks set to heralded the end to the outdated, toxic and painful screening tool currently used Mammography?  Well I for one, hope so. How exciting is this news? ……….Well its mega!! This new tool is safe, none toxic, does not require your breasts …

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Self Exams Saved MY Life – Not A Mammogram.

Self Exams Saved My Life, Not A Mammogram! Mammography did NOT find my marble sized lump, I did! 13 years later…….I am still here to tell you that! The sad fact is, that screening mammograms are really not very reliable. My marbled size lump, which could easily be felt, DID NOT SHOW ON A MAMMOGRAM, …

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A Breast Cancer Scan Like No Other – Are Mammograms A Thing Of The Past?

My ABUS Experience – Automated Breast Ultra Sound!   If I said that I was excited to going for a Breast Scan, you would probably think me mad. We all know early detection is key but the screening scans leave a lot to be desired and many of us put off or dont go for …

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