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69 Year Old Discovery Set To Aid In Cancer Fight

TODAY’S NEWS! 69 Year Old Discovery Set To Aid In Cancer Fight You may recall I first told you about Vitamin D3 in 2011…..and your doctor has only just caught up with this important life saving advice. You may also recall I told you about the danger of mammograms back in 2010 and low and …

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WOW! Finally Help For Hot Flushes / Flashes That Actually WORKS!

Yep that’s what I said………real help for our post Breast Cancer Nightmare – Menopause & Hot Flushes/Flashes!   Any of you out there who were diagnosed before menopause with BC know of the horrendous nightmare that being thrown into a early and sudden Menopause can be. The hot flushes are a killer! ADD to that …

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3 hours of Sun a day cuts breast cancer risk – Times of India

Women Enjoying the Sun

Hi there fans and followers, well much to my surprise the truth about Vitamin D and Cancer risk is finally coming out into the open. Read this published today from the TIMES INDIA  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/health/3-hrs-in-the-sun-daily-cuts-breast-cancer-risk/articleshow/9026897.cms You can check out my original article on this blog or view my video  This is GOOD NEWS PEOPLE Coach Lin …

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About a Bra – can it cause cancer?

  Okay, this is one of those topics that has been out there and bounced around forever (sorry about the pun).  Can the wearing of a Bra really cause cancer? Well it would seem, according to Singer and Grismaijer authors of ‘Dressed to Kill’ that the answer to this may very well be, probably.  These …

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