Why I choose CanPrev Vitamins & Supplements.


CanPrev founder Tanya Salituro, like me is a survivor of Breast Cancer and like me believes the way to maintain health and fight disease is by supplying our bodies with nutrients that are already present in nature. Finding it difficult to find the quality she wanted, Tanya set about starting her own company in 2005.

CanPrev has a team of professionals including Research and Development, Scientific Advisory, Licensed Natural Health Care practitioners, Quality Control Engineers and Experts in Nutraceutical manufacturing – ALL of which work hard to make sure that only the BEST quality products are offered for sale.

This Family run company is based in Ontario Canada and their aim is to “create the worlds most innovative and effective natural health products”.   I believe that they are well on their way to doing just that.

I can personally use their products, many of which I have consumed over the past 10 years to aid my own recovery to health and I am very honoured to be able to offer them to you, direct from my site store.


Although you cannot buy direct from their site ( there is a full list of products here.  If there is anything you would like that I do not yet have in my Store, please let me know and I will get if for you asap.


Coach Lin


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